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    The National Wildlife Federation

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    Executive Leadership

    The National Wildlife Federation's dedicated leadership team directs the organization in its mission-driven work. Bringing together talent and expertise in science, policy, education, philanthropy, and more, our leaders work across the organization and beyond to develop strategies for harnessing our full power to save America's wildlife.

    Collin OMara

    Collin O'Mara

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Under O’Mara’s leadership, the National Wildlife Federation is focused on recovering America’s wildlife ranging from bison and bighorn sheep to pollinators like monarch butterflies and native bees, improving management of and access to public lands, restoring America’s water bodies, advancing environmental education (including publishing Ranger Rick® magazines), and connecting every American child with the great outdoors.

    Executive Team

    Mustafa Santiago Ali

    Vice President, Environmental Justice, Climate, and Community Revitalization

    Andy Buchsbaum

    Vice President, One Federation

    Chanté Coleman

    Vice President of Equity and Justice

    Laura Daniel Davis

    Chief of Policy and Advocacy

    Hilary Harp Falk

    Chief Program Officer

    Caroline Itoh

    Vice President, Strategic Business Operations

    Benjamin Kota

    General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

    Sarah Laskin

    Vice President for National and International Conservation Programs

    Amanda McKnight

    Chief People and Administration Officer

    Dawn Rodney

    Chief Innovation and Growth Officer

    Dirk Sellers

    Chief Development Officer

    Karen Wagner

    Chief Financial Officer

    Regional Executive Directors

    Curtis Fisher

    Northeast Regional Center (Montpelier, VT)

    Tom France

    Northern Rockies, Prairies, and Pacific Regional Center (Missoula, MT)

    Susan Kaderka

    South Central Regional Center (Austin, TX)

    Brian Kurzel

    Rocky Mountain Regional Center (Denver, CO)

    Jen Mihills

    Mid-Atlantic Regional Center (Annapolis, MD)

    Beth Pratt

    California Regional Center (Midpines, CA)

    Mike Shriberg

    Great Lakes Regional Center (Ann Arbor, MI)

    Board of Directors

    Get to know the board members that guide the National Wildlife Federation in our mission to ensure wildlife thrive.

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    Leading Experts

    Our staff welcome the opportunity to share their expertise at your next event.

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    Where We Work

    More than one-third of U.S. fish and wildlife species are at risk of extinction in the coming decades. We're on the ground in seven regions across the country, collaborating with 53 state and territory affiliates to reverse the crisis and ensure wildlife thrive.

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    Regional Centers and Affiliates